Welcome dear visitor,

    You are well aware that the arts and culture surround us everyday. They change, adapt and speak to many generations. This is the vision behind every single cultural project we work on. At the same time, they remain an initiative that proposes new ways of sharing, discovering and consuming an art and culture that are open to all. Artistic project is the department of Mangoo Pickle in charge of Art & Culture projects. All our cultural initiatives such as our cross-disciplinary exhibitions are created here.


    La vitrine is this maritime container transformed into a nomad display. The aim is simple: we take a 20-foot container, we remove the front and replace it with a window. It then moves from place to place for a year in the capital city. La Vitrine is some sort of close up on emerging artists or on those who are already renowned; they all come from various disciplines. It represents a place of exchange leading to crossroads, encounters between the arts, genres, publics and various aesthetics. It explores the variety of artistic forms that make up the wealth of our societies in order to allow for people to open to one another.



    Close Up Is a two-day art festival featuring artists from different worlds and disciplines: illustration, photo, dance, fashion, video, installation, slam, painting, ceramics, design, live music, sculpture 'other. It is all gathered in a space with a magical decoration where one will find participative activities and workshops, allowing the public to be also part of the show. For a moment, Close Up, like a close-up shot, focuses on a theme in various artistic expressions, but above all on encounters between work of art and individuals through experience.



    When a project means something to us, when it entails artistic thinking, it can be big or small but it is always with pleasure that we dive right in.